Watch Synth Engineer Tatsuya Takahashi Explain How to Use 19 Classic Synths

Tatsuya Takahashi, former chief engineer at Korg, has partnered with Red Bull Music Academy for a 19-part series called First Patch that was released this week. First Patch is all about introducing musicians to classic synths and drum machines, demonstrating how they can get started making electronic music in five minutes or less.

Each video in the series is centered around a different synth or drum machine—the Roland Jupiter-6, Yamaha CS-30, Korg MS-20, and Moog MiniMoog are just a few—and begins with a short introduction to the hardware, its history, feature set, and what kind of music it has been influential in making. Takahashi then demonstrates the easiest way for musicians brand-new to these at-times confusing and intimidating instruments to start making music.

First Patch - Roland TR-808

The First Patch series comes right in time for Red Bull Music Academy's 20th anniversary celebration, which will feature 61 music-makers from around the world coming together for five weeks at the Funkhaus in East Berlin. There, they will attend lectures and workshops with a team of renowned engineers and producers, including Tatsuya Takahashi.

All 19 First Patch episodes are available now. Be sure to check out the first episode above, and click here to catch the rest of Takahashi's lessons on YouTube.

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