Videos: Fender Mirror Image Delay and Marine Layer Reverb Pedals

As we reported back in January, Fender has re-entered the effects pedal market with a new line of versatile stompboxes with sleek, minimalist designs. The series includes the Pugilist Distortion, The Bends Compressor, the Level Set Buffer, and the Santa Ana Overdrive.

Andy Martin got a chance to try out the two feature-packed pedals that round out the line: the Mirror Image Delay and the Marine Layer Reverb.

In the first video above, you can see and hear for yourself Fender's take on an atmospheric delay pedal with the Mirror Image. The pedal features all the standard delay knobs like Modulation Depth, Modulation Rate, Feedback, Delay Time, and Effects Level, while also including a tails function that allows your delay trail to continue when the pedal is disengaged for natural transitions. The all-original circuitry is capable of recreating classic delay tones with a character all its own.

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This second video shows off the versatility of the Marine Layer, which offers three reverb modes: Hall, Room, and Special—each with two variations, including a "shimmer" mode in the Special setting. The Marine Layer features several reverb-sculpting options like Reverb Time, Damping, Pre Delay, and an Effects Level.

A Dry Kill on/off switch has also been added to mute your dry signal path in an amplifier effects loop, while a Filter toggle has been included to enable full, sparkly reflections or darker, moody reverberations. And, like the Mirror Image, the Marine Layer too features a tail function, which ensures a smooth, natural decay when you click the pedal off.

Be sure to check out both full demos above. Click here to buy a Mirror Image and here to buy a Marine Layer through Reverb today.

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