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Reviews for the Fender Pugilist Distortion
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  • Great Natural Distortion

    Verified Purchase

    For years, I’ve used the Boss OD-20 which is a modeling overdrive/distortion pedal which ,to be honest, sounded like crap. I have a tube screamer and a tc electronic mini spark but I needed a higher gain pedal, this was perfect. It’s a “real” drive pedal and is pretty versatile. The way you can blen…

  • Good, but not quite great

    Verified Purchase

    It's good. The price point is exceptional for the functionality you get with the two distortion engines. That being said, the clipping itself isn't great, and the lack of a Tone knob or some kind of EQ control (other than the bass boost switch) hurts this unit. I found the pedal to be really scoope…

  • Awesome Dual-Distortion Pedal

    I found this a great and versatile distortion pedal. The dual-circuit design with two different distortion channels is cool: it allows you to adjust individual tone and gain controls. You can then blend the two distortions or put them in series for a super-wide variety of sounds. It can go from clea…

  • Great pedal for clean only amps

    Verified Purchase

    I actually really liked this pedals features in every way except for two things. The bass boost kind of was a wash of blended bass, but not a deal breaker. The other was the signal loss on putting the A or B channel on indiviaul settings. It almost treats a single speaker as a dual speaker unit and …

  • Pugilist

    Verified Purchase

    I've gone Fender pedal board crazy, added this next to The Pelt, Santa Ana, Mirror image and Marine reverb, put them to the test this past weekend through my Peavey Delta Blues and was extremely happy with my tone. The Pugilist has a great array of tones, plus who can argue with it's looks and ease of battery replacement! Well done Fender.