Video: Wampler Reflection Reverb and EQuator EQ Demo

Back at NAMM, Wampler Pedals unveiled a few new stompboxes that would be joining its lineup this year, and today, Andy is in the studio taking a look at two of them: the Reflection Reverb and EQuator EQ.

The Reflection is a reverb effect that features both spring and hall reverb settings. You can dial in a clearer, plate-style reverb (with a bit of pre-delay for added dynamics), flip to the spring side for a brighter reverb, or let things divulge into a continuous drone, depending on your tastes.

The EQuator is a combination of both a graphic and parametric EQ, borne out of a desire for the good bass and treble of a graphic EQ with the huge range of ultra-tweakable mid-range controls you get with a parametric circuit.

The pedal features two different mid-level controls for cuts, boosts, and sweepability from around 300 kHz to 5,000 kHz. And one of the best bonuses of this all-analog circuit is that it's stuffed into a delightfully pedalboard-friendly chassis.

Be sure to check out the full video above. Order your Reflection Reverb or EQuator EQ on Reverb today.

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