Video: Walrus Audio Releases the Lillian Multi-Stage Analog Phaser for NAMM 2019

Just ahead of the quickly approaching NAMM convention later this week, Walrus Audio has released the brand-new Lillian Phaser, a multi-stage phaser that Walrus is describing as the "cousin" of its Julia Chorus/Vibrato.

As Andy describes in his demo above, you can choose between a four- or six-stage phasing effect that "can offer subtle, '70s-style shading or a more complex swoosh that sweeps through three filter notches instead of two."

The Lillian features control knobs for Rate, Width, and Feedback—which enhances select frequency bands to help cut through a mix. A dry blend knob gives you the option to not only choose how much of the effect can be heard, but to max-out the phasing for a vibrato effect.

Click here to get your Lillian Phaser today on Reverb. For all the latest product releases and news coming out of NAMM 2019, check out our ongoing coverage here.

Gear Used In This Video:
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