Video: Walrus Audio Julia Analog Chorus/Vibrato

In 1999, a loud and mysterious sound, unidentifiable by scientists, emanated from the depths of the Pacific Ocean, and was named “Julia.” Taking a cue from nature, Walrus Audio has created the Julia Analog Chorus/Vibrato pedal, an effect designed to give your sound a subtle watery coating or a deep sea warble.

The Julia is a unique effect. Unlike most chorus/vibrato pedals, which give you the ability to choose between chorus and vibrato, the Julia offers a chance to play in the gray area in between the two effects, as well as to choose one or the other, using the pedal’s singular “dry-chorus-vibrato” control. Turned all the way down, the Julia will be silent; dime it and you get total wobbly vibrato. If you hit noon, you’ll find yourself in the land of traditional chorus — but if you play around with it more, you’ll find a delightful variation of wet/dry blends at your disposal.

The LFO from which the chorus and vibrato effects are created is shapable as well, with both the Lag control and a two-way waveform selector switch. With the Lag knob, you can affect the center delay time of the LFO’s modulation, ranging from taut and fluid to an all-out sluggish detune. Flip the waveform selector switch up for a smoother sine wave sound, or down for a rougher triangle wave.

Rate and depth are the Julia’s classics, controlling the speed of modulation and just how deep your wobble will go. It’s clear that the Julia is a fantastic blend of tried-and-true analog technology along with a few new features that make this pedal truly unique.

Watch the video above to hear more from the Walrus Audio Julia, and then click the banner below to shop for new and used Julia chorus/vibrato pedals.

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