Video: Vulfpeck's Cory Wong Teaches "Darwin Derby"

"Darwin Derby" is one of the funkiest tracks on Vulfpeck's 2018 album, Hill Climber. Today, Vulfpeck guitarist Cory Wong is hear to walk us through the song's guitar part.

If you've seen any of our videos with Cory Wong before, you'll know that the funk is strong in his right-hand, and it remains so on "Darwin Derby." Built off of just one main chord shape—a dominant 7th that replaces the standard bar-chord voicing with a fretting thumb—the part's momentum and melody come from the frenetic picking and a few well-timed hammer-ons.

The second section of the song follows the same rhythm of the first, but uses a new set of chords for variety. Follow along with the video above and check out the tabs below for an in-depth tutorial on this jam.

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