Video: Southampton Pedals Utility Knife Modulator Demo

Every electric guitar player has his or her philosophy when it comes to effects. Some players need an expansive sea of knobs and switches waiting at their feet, while others are interested only in the essentials. Today, Andy is testing out a pedal that could appeal to both.

The Utility Knife Modulator is a new pedal by Canadian boutique builder Southampton Pedals that attempts to be the best and simplest modulation multi-effect on the market. As Southampton describes it, the pedal was "born out of a cover band's need for modulation and impatience for 12-knob pedals."

The Utility Knife is packed with four, high-quality modulation effects: tremolo, chorus, flange, and a six-stage phaser. This functionality has been compressed into a pedalboard-friendly chassis that has an exceedingly simple face of knobsā€”one for switching between each of the four modulation effects and three tone-shaping knobs for volume, depth, and rate.

Be sure to watch Andy's full demo above to see what kinds of sounds he can coax from the new multi-effect, and click here to buy your own on Reverb.

Gear Used In This Video:

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