Video: Snarky Puppy's "Binky" Synth Fill on Bass Guitar | Bass Walk of the Week

Every week, Jake Hawrylak has been joining us for a bass lesson, with many of them taking a look at great walking basslines from jazz bass legends like Paul Chambers, Oscar Pettiford, and Ron Carter. But, as Jake says in today’s video, "Bass comes in many forms—it doesn’t always necessarily have to be played on a bass guitar." And it need not be a walk.

To approach the instrument in a new and unique way, Jake dissects a bass riff and fill played on a synth by Snarky Puppy’s Shaun Martin on the band’s song "Binky." Adapted to the bass guitar, the part requires a full-fretboard workout.

"It’s all based on triplet eighth notes, and we’re moving from the top of the instrument to the bottom of the instrument very quickly, sliding across the G string to get there," Jake says. It starts with a C-sharp pentatonic shape, but quickly shifts down the neck to the lowest register.

Grab your bass and follow along with this funky fill, and be sure to check back next week for another bass lesson on Reverb.

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