Video: Quilter Interblock 45 Compact Amp Demo (with Andy's Personal Pedalboard)

Today, Andy's running his personal pedalboard through a brand-new amp to see what it can do. But unlike a traditional amplifier, this compact, full-featured unit fits right there on his pedalboard too.

The Quilter Interblock 45 is a 45-watt amp packed into a pedal enclosure. Its size and output options make it a versatile choice for many different playing scenarios. From the Interblock 45, you can plug into a speaker cabinet, straight into a recording interface or PA system, or use the headphone jack for low-volume practicing.

The FR/CAB switch lets you choose between a full-range flat response or a guitar cabinet simulator response. And it also has an onboard overdrive section, a three-band EQ, and an effects loop, with the option of changing the EQ voice to vintage mode.

In the video above, Andy starts by recording the signal direct from the Interblock 45. Then, he uses it to drive a Celestion G12H-30 speaker, saying "You'll notice it sounds a lot like the amp I'm used to playing, which is a Deluxe Reverb."

Be sure to check out the full video above to hear how the Interblock 45 handles a range of effects and playing styles, and order yours through Reverb here.

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