Quilter InterBlock 45 45-Watt Guitar Head Pedal

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The Quilter Interlock 45 is a 45-watt amp packed into a pedal enclosure. Its size and output options make it a versatile choice for many different playing scenarios. From the Interlock 45, you can plug into a speaker cabinet, straight into a recording interface or PA system, or use the headphone jack for low-volume practicing. The FR/CAB switch lets you choose between a full-range flat response or a guitar cabinet simulator response. And it also has an onboard overdrive section, a three-band EQ, and an effects loop, with the option of changing the EQ voice to vintage mode.


Product Specs

  • Interblock 45 45-Watt Guitar Head Pedal
  • Black
  • 2018
Made In
  • United States

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