Video: Quiet Theory Prelude Reverb/Delay Demo

Today, Andy is in the studio checking out a prized offering from the folks at boutique pedal company Quiet Theory. The pedal is called the Prelude, and it's a "dreamy delay and reverb unit capable of both subtle ambience and washed out atmosphere."

At first glance, the Prelude is noticeably well-designed, with a sleek black, blue, and white color scheme, pleasantly symmetrical controls, and an inoffensive logo in a clean font. Plugging it in only sweetens the deal, when you're met with a distinct sonic profile that can easily move from smooth and warm to dark and gritty.

Though the PT2399 chip the Prelude is built on is known to get noisy over 500 milliseconds, the stompbox wants to cater to those looking for longer repeats and allows for a max 1,000 milliseconds delay time, promising to keep the pedal's noise manageable.

Users can run the Prelude in either true bypass or trails mode, and it also features a special burst mode letting players change either or both of the footswitches to momentary function. With burst mode engaged, players can hold down the footswitches for specific bursts of delay or reverb while you play for a more dynamic performance.

Be sure to check out the full demo above to see what this pedal can do, and click here to buy your own on Reverb right now.

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