Video: Old Blood Noise Endeavors Fault Overdrive/Distortion Demo

Old Blood Noise Endeavors recently announced its first ever overdrive pedal, diverging ever so slightly from the company’s tendency for designing envelope–pushing modulation and time–based effects. While the Black Fountain Delay oilcan delay emulator and Reflector Chorus have helped the company gain a reputation for the esoteric and strange, the Fault shows a different side of Old Blood.

The Fault Overdrive/Distortion is a dual drive circuit housed in a gorgeously screen–printed enclosure, just like the rest of the company’s line. As explained in a blog post on the company’s website, the Fault came from a simple desire to build a pedal that emulated the sound of running a drive pedal into an amp that’s already breaking up.

The intention was not to make something weird this time around, but to make a drive pedal that did this job and did it well. The Fault comes with a three–knob EQ section, as well as individual level adjustments for two individual gain circuits, lending itself to a variety of tones.

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