Video: Old Blood Noise Endeavors Alpha Haunt Demo

There are a lot of excellent choices when browsing through Oklahoma-based pedal builders Old Blood Noise Endeavors' catalog, but the brand's cornerstone effect is undoubtedly the ever-popular Haunt fuzz. That's why today, we're particularly excited to demo a brand new OBNE stompbox that iterates on and expands upon the circuit we love so much: the Alpha Haunt.

Old Blood Noise Endeavors
Alpha Haunt
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With its control-rich layout, the Alpha Haunt is a pedal for the fuzz connoisseur. Rather than honing on a few specific sludge tones, this stompbox gives players the ability to dial in anything across the fuzz spectrum.

To control gain, flip the Fuzz Range switch down for lower gain and up for higher gain and use the Fuzz knob to set overall levels. The Bias knob controls the power of the fuzz, while the LPF controls its tone. Set the LPF toggle to the first position for a standard tone control, the second position for a brighter, mid-range-affected tone, or into the OFF position to bypass the knob for an exceedingly loud attack.

Be sure to watch the full demo above to hear more of the tones Andy is able to coax from the special stompbox, and let us know what you think in the comments. The Alpha Haunt is available now for limited time exclusively on Reverb, so click here to get yours while you still can.

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