Video: Mattoverse Electronics Warble Swell Echo Demo

Today, Andy is back in the Reverb studio taking a look at the Warble Swell Echo, a unique offering by Mattoverse Electronics.

The Warble Swell Echo is a brand-new, analog-voiced digital echo and delay unit that offers up to 800ms of delay time, a dynamic foot-controllable swell feature, and a warble push-button for tape-like modulation. While remaining pedalboard-friendly, the Warble Swell Echo manages to pack six control knobs onto its face for dialing in time, repeats, mix, warble rate, warble depth, and swell speed.

Be sure to check out the full demo above to see what kinds of sounds Andy is able to coax from Mattoverse's new noisebox, and click here to buy your own on Reverb right now.

Gear Used In This Video:
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