Video: Matt Myers of Houndmouth on Strats, Tube Screamers, and Switching to Kemper

We here at Reverb recently welcomed Matt Myers of Houndmouth to the Reverb studio to talk with us about his favorite records and his favorite gear. If you're interested in hearing what music he loves, you can check that out on Reverb LP. But if you're in it for the gear, the video above is for you.

"Like my whole life I used a Twin Reverb, and then I started pairing it with one of those 2x12 Silvertones," Matt told us. "All I do is keep it clean, have one Tube Screamer on the whole time to give it some drive, and then put another Tube Screamer on to do a solo or something. That's just what I'd done since I started playing guitar, and I never really changed it." His Stevie Ray Vaughan-inspired tone is further supported by the Strat he plays—a guitar that eventually his dad convinced him to get. When he got one at 16 years old, he realized he found the model for him, and hasn't looked back since.

Because his core setup is so simple, he got to thinking about transferring to a Kemper profiling amp so that he could leave the heavy amps at home when it was time to tour. And since making the switch, he's started exploring more of what the Kemper Profiler Power Head can do—the onboard effects, how consistent it stays from night to night and show to show, and more.

Be sure to check out the full video above to hear more about Matt Myers' setup, and browse Houndmouth below on Reverb LP.

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