Video: Line 6 Releases the HX Effects Pedal

Line 6’s Helix multi-effects and amp modeling processor has been a popular all-in-one unit, offering a huge range of timbres, effects, and tones to guitarists. However, the breadth of features, size, and cost of the Helix Floor and Helix Rack units can be intimidating to those curious yet uncertain about the realm of multi-effects.

Today, Line 6 announces the release of the new HX Effects pedal—a compact multi-effects unit built to fit on your pedalboard while still offering more than 100 effects from the Helix DSP. The built-in sounds include modulation effects, filters, and distortions from the company’s M Series, as well as delays and echoes from the ever-popular DL4.

With the HX, players can find rich fuzz tones like those found in germanium and silicon chips, add tape machine saturation, vintage vibratos, reverbs, and more, with up to nine effects able to be layered simultaneously. Through the pedal’s eight switches and six screens, you can customize the parameters of individual effects, choose between presets, and create your own patches.

Taking further cues from the Helix modelling algorithms, the HX also allows players to emulate different cabinet responses or acoustic guitar resonances, while the extensive routing setup allows it to easily integrate into or command your rig.

As you can see in Andy’s demo above, the HX offers a wide world of possibilities, from highly sculpted tones to lush soundscapes. Be sure to check out all that the pedal has to offer, and click the banner below for more news from the NAMM floor in Anaheim.

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