Video: KMA Machines Astrospurt Phaser Demo

KMA Audio Machines Astrospurt
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Today, Andy is here with the Astrospurt Phaser from German boutique builder KMA Audio Machines. This pedal is KMA's take on the classic, four-stage, JFET-based phasing sound.

The first interesting thing to note about the Astrospurt is that it features a Signal control (rather than a standard volume knob) that can be set to boost or cut and used to control input. Dial the Depth knob back for a more subtle swoosh, or crank it to the right for increasingly modulated and pronounced phase.

What ties the circuit together is the Mix pot, which controls the ratio of clean to phase-shifted signal. Turning it fully clockwise will keep it dry, while pushing counterclockwise will send players to the pulsing corners of time and space.

Be sure to check out Andy's full demo above, and click here to get your own Astrospurt Phaser from KMA Audio Machines right here on Reverb.

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