Video: Keeley Engineering Aria Compressor Drive Demo

Brand new from Keeley this week is a stompbox called the Aria Compressor Drive. Designed by Robert Keeley, this pedal brings together two individual effect circuits—the Compressor Plus and Red Dirt—foundational to the brand's signature sound.

The two-mode overdrive delivers high-gain and smooth saturation in "high mode" and cleaner, bolder tones in "low mode." Meanwhile, the compressor side features both a "clean blend" and "tone control" mode for dialing in clean signals to brighten up your leads. The Aria also comes equipped with TRS input jack, giving players the option to split the pedal into two effects units for more control over your signal chain order.

Be sure to check out the full video above to hear more of what the Aria can do, and click here to buy your own right here on Reverb.

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