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Reviews for the Keeley Red Dirt
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  • Keeley Modded Tube Screamer

    Verified Purchase

    I will start this by stating that I don’t own an Ibanez Tube Screamer. After checking out various clones, I found out that the Keeley Modded Tube Screamer that is so famously used by high tier musicians is not sold as the Keeley Red Dirt. After watching the comparison on That Pedal Show I was impres…

  • So far my favorite Tube Screamer

    Verified Purchase

    I don't know what it is about the Keeley Red Dirt seems a little smoother and not too bright not too dark not at all harsh I don't know how to describe it butt I think it will be on my board for a while does semi clean and pushed both equally well using it for a blues type tones on the clean channel of my evh 3 50 watt head latest version

  • A solid option to fill that 'green OD' spot on your board.

    Verified Purchase

    This review is for the older, black Geranium Red Dirt without the hi-low filter. Just different enough to add a little rocket sauce to your rig. I actually bought this thinking I was buying the other version. Oops...Anyway, the V1 geranium red dirt seems to have a more functional tone pot than the …

  • 3-stars but I'm super critical

    Verified Purchase

    I got this as a second overdrive on top of my 'always on' gain replacing a tube screamer 'turbo' which I always found a bit too metal/modern sounding. It's a solid pedal and was an improvement for me over the tube screamer. It can get very saturated but without sounding too modern. Reminds me a bit…

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