Video: JAM Pedals RetroVibe MKII Demo

Andy is back in the studio today to check out the Retrovibe MKII from Athens, Greece-based pedal brand JAM Pedals.

Modeled after the famous (and increasingly difficult to find) Shin-Ei Uni-Vibe, this stompbox also uses four photocells and a bulb to nail its classic vibe sound, with NOS 2SC828 transistors and carbon resistors to enhance that vintage feel and tone. Its balance of modern upgrades with vintage-vibe emulation has earned the noisebox a dedicated fan base that includes players like J Mascis, Andy Timmons, and Unknown Mortal Orchestra, who have all made space for the pedal on their boards.

The MKII version of the Retrovibe features an updated chorus/vibrato switch, as well as an input for an expression pedal for added control over the effect. It also features an internal trim pot that allows users the ability to set the maximum intensity of the effect.

Be sure to check out the full demo above, and click here to get your own on Reverb right now.

Gear Used In This Video:
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