Video: Izotope Shows Off RX 6

Izotope has announced the next version of its spectrogram–based audio editor with RX 6. The newest entry in the RX series ups the studio wonder quotient, lending a variety of new techniques for repairing recordings. RX 6 offers more powerful tools for erasing distracting elements in a recording that either crept in by themselves or are the results of performances.

As Geoff Manchester from Izotope demonstrates in the trio of videos he filmed here at the Reverb studio, RX 6 lends engineers a finely sharpened scalpel for scraping away any little thing they don’t want surfacing in their mixes. This includes advanced de–essing, bleed reduction, and even ways to reduce sibilants and breathing.

Izotope has made quite a name for itself over the years with its spectrogram–centric software and plugins that transform audio in ways that are, well, kind of magical. It’s Iris synthesizer works with audio in a similar way to the RX range, but transforms audio into new sounds instead of distilling it down to its bare essentials.

Izotope is currenty offering 25% off both versions of RX 6 through May 31st.


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