Video: Funky Vintage - Multivox CB1 Chorus Vibrato

Welcome to Reverb’s new video series, Funky Vintage. We’ll walk you through some of the more unique vintage pieces you can find on Reverb, whether they’re Reverb favorites or simply too funky to pass up. In our first installment, our good friend Juan Alderete, of Racer X and The Mars Volta, dropped by to share with us a favorite of his: the Multivox CB1.

Both an analog chorus and a vibrato effect in one simple box, the CB1 serves up some seriously funky sound. Choose between the chorus and vibrato, and then use the chorus intensity knob or the controls for vibrato depth and rate to shape your sound. The back of the CB1 sports both high and low intensity inputs, a footswitch input, and stereo outputs. Watch the video to hear how Juan uses the CB1 with his fretless Fender P-Bass, and be sure to watch out for more Funky Vintage, coming to Reverb soon!

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