Effects Pedals: What Do They Do? | The Basics

Whether you've been playing your instrument for years or are just now starting out, the world of effects is an entirely different ballgame. With so many different types of effects flooding the market, all with different circuity and various combinations of functionality, figuring out where to start—let alone what it all means—can be daunting. So we're here to help.

In the name of demystification, we've compiled a series of articles listed below that simply serve to answer the question: What does this effect actually do? Clicking into any one of these articles will give you the gist of what that effect does, a more detailed explanation, some extra reading material, and a few solid effect options if you decide to pick up a pedal for yourself.

Do you have more gear questions that you'd like to see us answer? Let us know in the comments below.

Further Reading
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