Video: EarthQuaker Devices Releases Plumes, a Revamped Take on a Classic Overdrive

Modeled off of Ibanez's classic Tube Screamer, EarthQuaker Devices' latest is an overdrive and distortion pedal that can take your amp from edge-of-breakup to medium-breakup with the twist of a knob. But the Plumes—which itself comes in a small green enclosure—is not merely a clone.

Instead of using an IC op-amp in the circuit, EQD replaces it with what it calls a "low-noise JFET op-amp for a more robust and precise signal, with a significantly lower noise floor." That means you can crank the Plumes, or use it at more modest gain levels, while keeping extraneous noise to a minimum, which is also aided by the raising of the input impedance to 10 megaohms.

A three-way Mode switch lets you select between three clipping options: the crunchier, more compressed symmetrical LED clipping, no clipping, or a looser, more transparent asymmetrical silicon diode clipping.

While designed after one of the world's most well-known guitar effects, the stompbox can be used just as easily with basses and synthesizers.

For a chance to hear the Plumes in action, watch our full video above. Click here to order yours on Reverb now.

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