Video: Chase Bliss Audio Thermae Analog Delay and Harmonizer Demo

Back at the winter NAMM show in Anaheim, Andy had a chance to speak with Chase Bliss' Joel Korte about two brand-new pedals the brand was unveiling at the show: the Condor Analog EQ/Pre/Filter and the Thermae Analog Delay and Harmonizer. Not long ago, Andy demoed the Condor, and this month he's back with the Thermae.

This imaginative stompbox from Chase Bliss is capable of the warm delays you'd expect from an analog circuit, as well as super unique and otherworldly modulated tones. It features a low-pass filter, tap-tempo, and was built using four reissued MN3005 bucket-brigade delay chips, which allows users to set multiple delay times and multiple harmonizing intervals (controlled by the Glide knob).

Users can set the oscillating harmonies via two Interval knobs or connect a footswitch and put the pedal in "step mode," which allows you to choose when they change with your foot.

Be sure to check out the full demo above, and click here to get your own on Reverb right now.

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