Video: Beetronics Royal Jelly Overdrive/Fuzz Blender Demo

Today, Andy is checking out a brand new offering from California-based boutique builder Beetronics called the Royal Jelly. Designed in partnership with the legendary Howard Davis (designer of EHX's Deluxe Memory Man), this new stompbox is combination overdrive/fuzz that allows players to engage each effect circuit independently or mix them together for a complementary blend.

The pedal features two blend presets—one labeled King and the other, Queen—which allow players to have two convenient sounds on the fly, but also help keep transitions between effects smooth and natural. Additionally, players can blend in their dry signal for multilayered dirt—ideal for bassists, keyboard players, drummers, and for general use in studio.

The Royal Jelly also packs a powerful EQ with 10 dB of cut or boost, a Honey switch for dialing in overdrive gain, and a buzz switch in the middle position for engaging a harmonically enhanced, thick, fuzz tone.

Be sure to watch all of Andy's demo above to hear more of what the Royal Jelly can do, and click here to buy your own right now on Reverb.

Gear Used In This Video:
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