Video: Andy Martin's Top 7 NAMM Pedals

Every year at NAMM, there's a bounty of effects pedals unveiled, and the 2019 show was no different. The sheer amount can be, well, a bit overwhelming. To be able to determine what's innovative from what's merely new requires someone who's paid their dues, someone who's spent those essential 10,000 hours tweaking tones from all manner of stompboxes. Say, Andy Martin.

In the video above, Andy treats us to his favorite pedal releases from the NAMM floor, including new units from Chase Bliss, Strymon, SolidGoldFX, Catalinbread, ThorpyFX, Wampler, and Beetronics.

A few of the pedals—namely, the Catalinbread Coriolis and Strymon Volante—can be ordered now through Reverb, while the latest from SolidGoldFX is still in its prototype stage. Be sure to watch the full video above to see all of Andy's favorites, and check back soon for availability for the rest of the effects.

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