Video: Anasounds High Voltage Distortion Demo

Andy is back today with a brand new pedal, the High Voltage Distortion, from French boutique brand Anasounds. The amp-like High Voltage was inspired by Australian rockers AC/DC—namely, their tune "It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Want to Rock 'n' Roll)" from the eponymous album, High Voltage.

The stompbox's face features a straightforward layout of controls, with an on/off footswitch, three tone-shaping knobs, and a Bass switch. Adjusting the Gain knob can get you anywhere from a low-gain overdrive to roaring British crunch, emulating the sounds of a Plexi or JCM pushed to its limits, and can be used in combination with the Output Volume knob for vintage Marshall-like dynamics.

The Bass switch is this circuit's real labor of love. It allows players to either round out and thicken their tones with the bass kept in—great for single-coil pickups and rhythm playing—or cut it out entirely, driving the guitar to the front of the mix for loud intros, leads, or solos.

The High Voltage is packed into Anasounds' calling card wood-faced metal chassis, and is available right here on Reverb. Be sure to check out the rest of Andy's demo above, and let us know what you think of the pedal in the comments.

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