The Wilco Loft Shop, Now on Reverb

The Wilco Loft is a magical place. Nestled deep in Chicago, this two story recording studio and band HQ is packed with one of the most astounding collections of vintage and boutique gear you're likely to find anywhere. Rows upon rows of amps, shelves of pedals, and racks filled with every guitar and synth you can imagine fill the large space and form a palette from which Jeff Tweedy and his band paint their sonically stocked albums.

Much of the gear in the loft has come from the pages of Reverb, and like so many Reverb buyers, sometimes the time comes to thin the herd. This month, we're thrilled to welcome the Wilco Loft shop to Reverb which features dozens of pieces from the band, many of which were used in the recording of Wilco's most popular albums (including the snare drum from Yankee Hotel Foxtrot).

Take a look at the video above for an inside glimpse at the Loft, and see a sample of some our favorite items below. Be sure to check out all the listings on the official Wilco Loft shop page.

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