The Korg Monologue Revealed

Well, there's good news and bad news. The bad: Korg's new Monologue analog synth doesn't ship until January 2017.

The good?

You can pre-order it now, and it's hitting the market at $300. Very reasonable, considering what it features: an updated step sequencer with four-knob tracking, microtuning capability to create non-standard scale intervals, an OLED oscilloscope and 100 presets.

How is it different from the Minilogue?

For one, the Monologue is monophonic. It has 25 slimmer keys like the Minilogue, but instead of C to C tuning, it's shifted down to E to E tuning. This means lower notes are always within reach.

It also features a new 2-pole VCF with an LFO that can be dialed in to unprecedented higher speeds, both of which create fresh timbres. The 16-step sequencer includes a button per step for easy editing, as well as a "motion sequencing" tool. Each of the 100 presets can retain its own step sequence.

Microtuning with the Monologue

If you're not sure how or why you'd use microtuning, Korg provided microtuning presets to provide examples of unique intervals and sequences, programmed by none other than Aphex Twin.

Overall, there are 12 savable scale presets that the user can program. The scales you create might not sound "right" to Westernized ears, but breaking new sonic ground is the whole point here.

Connectivity and Power

Other features include a 5-pin In/Out, USB MIDI, a 6.3mm audio connection, a headphone jack and a Korg-specific Audio Sync port so you can mate it to other products like the Volca Beats.

The Monologue can be powered with six AA batteries on the go or a 9V adapter. Oh, and the most fun part of all - it's available in five different colors of brushed aluminum.

Korg Monologue Analog Synth Pre-Order

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