Source Audio Releases Collider, a Mash-Up of Its Nemesis Delay and Ventris Reverb

Source Audio
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Source Audio's Nemesis Delay and Ventris Dual Reverb are some of the most popular new pedals released in recent years. Yesterday, the company released the Collider, a delay and reverb pedal that combines the delay and reverb effects from each unit.

Like its predecessors, the Collider makes expert use of DSP technology to give a large collection of vintage and contemporary sounds. These include six delay settings on one side—like Oil Can, Echoplex-style Tape, and Digital—to Plate, True Spring, and Shimmer reverb settings on the other. In total, there are 12 delay and reverb sounds that can be used and mixed together.

According to Source Audio, the Collider includes "stereo inputs and outputs, eight user presets (or 128 presets accessible via MIDI messages), integrated tap tempo (with a 3-way beat division switch), Reverb Hold mode, full MIDI capability, external expression control, and external preset switching."

Source Audio's official Collider Delay+Reverb demo

If you'd like to go further down the rabbit hole of tone-tweaking, you can use the free Neuro Desktop Editor or mobile app to change the pedal's routing options and access an ever-growing library of presets.

In addition, if you're not interested in using both delay and reverb effects together, you can easily change the pedal to just one or the other with a toggle switch. When electing to use only the Delay or Reverb sides, all of the knobs will then control only the effect you've selected.

The pedal is retailing for $349 USD and is available now on Reverb.

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