Roland Releases First Official Plugins of the TR-808 and TR-909

Roland's TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines have been go-to instruments for countless producers after the units first helped lay the foundations of hip-hop and techno.

Since that time, sampled 808 and 909 kicks, hi-hats, snares, claps, and more have become ever-present sounds in popular music, with producers at every level using the hardware units (if they can afford them) and—more likely—an assortment of third-party software emulations and sample packs.

Today, Roland announced the first official plugins of the 808 and 909. The VSTs (Virtual Studio Technology) will be available through the company's Cloud service—a $19.95 per month subscription service where classic synths like the Juno-106 and SH-101 are already available. You can get a free month to the service when you sign up for the Roland Cloud Instrument Suite through Reverb.

If official software subscription plans aren't your style, you can still get Reverb's 808 sample pack for just $0.99 and Reverb's 909 sample pack for $1.99.

In recent years, the company has also released newer hardware versions of the machines, with the 808-emulating Roland Boutique Series TR-08 and the AIRA TR-8 (which emulates both the 808 and 909).

We expect to hear many more new product announcements from Roland and other brands throughout the day as the Winter NAMM show gets underway. Click the banner below to follow the latest news.

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