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With its warm toned strip of colorful sequencing buttons and tweakable banks of knobs, the Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer is quite possibly the most iconic drum machine of all time. Featuring a booming kick, sharp snare, tunable toms and a variety of percussion elements, the 808 is capable of creating and sequencing complete rhythm tracks. While Roland's initial hopes to create a realistic machine for emulating session drummers were dashed, generations of artists and producers have embraced and repurposed the 808's unique electronic tones, birthing entire genres based around its inimitable sounds.

Product Specs

  • TR-808 Rhythm Composer
  • Black
  • 1982
Made In
  • Japan

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Reviews for the Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer Vintage Drum Machine
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  • It still sets the bar for analog drums

    Verified Purchase

    Whether you’re in the 808 camp or 909 camp these machines still set the bar for analog drum sounds. There are now modern alternatives that meet and in some ways surpass this box. I’ve also got a tr-8 which I liked everything about it except for 4 things. The cymbals the hi hats the snare and the cla…

  • tr-808

    behringer is about to release a faithful, full-size analog clone; can't wait for the price of these to tank :^)

  • Verified Purchase


  • tr808

    Verified Purchase

    love it

  • Verified Purchase

    It is infact the king. I'd still most likely use my tr-8 live . unless I randomly landed a boiler room set or something as it's hindered by no switching patterns without stopping ppayback. The sound though unreal. And never have I said 'I want these drums a bit snappier move the tr-8 under the AC un…