Reverb Soundcheck: Inside Elliot Bergman of Wild Belle’s Home Recording Studio

Almost every musician has dreamt of crafting their own, customized home studio at one point or another, and Wild Belle’s Elliot Bergman did exactly that. From small amps to hand-built bronze bells to kalimbas and even a newly acquired Mellotron, Bergman built the perfect studio for Wild Belle’s sound right in his Chicago home.

I’m always looking for those magical mistakes."

Although Wild Belle’s most recent album, Dreamland, was written and recorded all over the world — from Jamaica to Nashville to Toronto and back again — it all came back to Bergman’s home studio. Most of the record was written and a good chunk of it recorded in the space, where the incredible variety of instruments collected during Bergman’s world travels served as inspiration.

In our latest Reverb Soundcheck, Bergman walks us through his home studio, showing us some of the most unique or beloved pieces in his collection including a B3, a ‘60s German Schaller fuzz, a ratty Harmony guitar, the ’65 Vibro Champ that was used on Dreamland, and a wildly eclectic collection of bronze bowls and bells.

Watch the video to get an intimate tour of Bergman’s home studio, and make sure to check out Wild Belle’s newest LP, Dreamland, available here.

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