Matt Bellamy of Muse Buys Majority Share of Manson Guitar Works

Manson Guitar Works of Devon, UK announced today that Muse frontman and long-time endorser Matt Bellamy will be taking over ownership of the firm.

According to a press release from the company, founder Hugh Manson will remain a consultant while moving into semi-retirement.

Manson MB-1 Santa 2.0 Matthew Bellamy Signature

About the acquisition, the press quotes Bellamy, ā€œIā€™m excited to be taking ownership of Manson Guitar Works and developing its potential in the future. Having played Manson Guitars since I was able to co-design my first custom guitar, I have the best insight into the products.ā€

The announcement follows Manson's recent relocation to a new production facility in Ashburton, in line with recent growth and a series of new models from the brand.

While Bellamy's personal collection of Manson guitars are known for including all sorts of high-tech gizmos like onboard synths and controllers, the company also produces a growing range of more mainstream models, as well as an affordable entry line.

For more on Bellamy's history with Manson, check out this article on Reverb.

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