Korg Shows Off Opsix FM Synthesizer | NAMM 2020

Korg is, by any measure, killing it at NAMM 2020. The ARP 2600 Reissue, the Wavestate, four limited-edition MS-20s, and even the RK-100 S2 Keytar—any of these would be great showings on their own (OK, maybe not the Keytar). But the Korg hits just keep coming.

Today, the company is showing off the Opsix on the first day of the NAMM 2020 convention.

Though speculation ran wild after the Opsix was leaked in a Reddit thread yesterday, speculation will still be the name of the game for some time yet. While it is on display at NAMM (behind a pane of glass), at the moment the Opsix just a show model—with no announcements of imminent production or release—and few official details.

Korg Opsix on display at the NAMM 2020 show.

It is, in fact though, an FM synthesizer with six operators (hence the name) and 32 algorithms. As Future Music's Si Truss surmised yesterday, that makes it basically a full-sized synth built on top of the Volca FM engine, with a bunch of added functionality and features.

Catch up with all the latest Korg news and other product announcements coming out of the first official day of NAMM 2020.

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