Keeley Electronics Releases the Long-Awaited Eccos Delay Looper | NAMM 2020

Right around this time last year, we stopped by the Keeley Electronics booth at the NAMM 2019 show to check out what the brand had on display. One new stompbox we saw was the Eccos, a stereo delay pedal promising pitch-perfect emulations of tape delay tones.

Keeley Electronics
Eccos Delay Looper

And today, exactly a year later, Keeley has finally put the Eccos—now, so much more than just a delay—out onto the market.

The initial plan, after Keeley unveiled the Eccos at last year's NAMM, was to release it sometime later in the year. But as founder Robert Keeley explained, there were just too many things he needed to add before launch. "I can't leave well-enough alone, and so, in true Robert Keeley fashion, I decided to add some features."

And with the biggest feature Keeley added to the Eccos being that of a fully featured, robust looper circuit, it's clear why we've seen a bit of a delay in its release.

As we touched on last year, this stereo stompbox features a vintage-style delay that gives players extreme control over tape-style, flanging echoes.

There are three memory presets for saved sounds and delay pedal musts like subdivisions, runaway feedback, trails, and tap tempo. On the newly added looper circuit side, players get extra features like reverse and half-speed loop effects as well as two full minutes of loop time in mono or 60 seconds in stereo.

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