Gibson to Increase Prices, Update Models for 2015

Leading up to the release of its 2015 models, the Gibson Guitar Company has planned a series of changes to its guitar lineup including a general price increase across the board. Whereas MAP (manufacturer advertised price) for a 2014 Les Paul Standard with a normal flame top comes in at $2999, the 2015 equivalent will start at $3879, marking a roughly 29% increase.

In addition to the price increase, Gibson will drastically scale back the number of guitar models offered, including the discontinuation of a number of finishes and top options on guitars like the Les Paul Standard. Gibson has also announced it will stop producing instruments with the less expensive Satin finish, meaning the end of such sub-$1000 models as the Les Paul Studio Faded.

Other changes include the expansion of the Min-ETune automated tuning system, which will be re-branded as "G-Force," as standard on almost all guitars. In celebration of the 100th birthday of Les Paul himself, all 2015 Les Paul models will feature a swirly "Les Paul 100" headstock logo marking a departure from the traditional Les Paul logo seen on the guitar for decades. As for actual specs, Gibson is updating the nut to a brass "Zero Fret Nut" and increasing the neck width on most models.

Gibson is, of course, no stranger to changing specs and price increases. This coming update, however, marks what is likely the most drastic change from Gibson USA in recent memory. Here at Reverb, we'll be keenly interested to see how this change impacts the used market. We very well may see an increase in prices on used SG and Les Paul Standards sooner rather than later, and we might also see a rush to swoop up remaining 2014 stock. For now, there are still tons of deals on Gibson guitars to be found throughout Reverb.

The following information was found on a Gibson page on which is no longer active:

"Gibson USA continues to raise the bar of Quality, Prestige and Innovation with the new line up of 2015 guitars. All Gibson USA guitars except for the Les Paul Supreme, Firebird and Derek Trucks SG will ship with the G-Force tuning system. Among many of the added features is the new Zero Fret Nut which is a patented applied for nut that has adjustable action capabilities. The new Tune-O-Matic Bridge features a hex wrench adjustment on thumbscrews for easy action adjustments. All guitars receive a professional set up with accurate intonation, and a new PLEK program with 27% lower fret wire. All models now have Pearloid Inlays and the fingerboard is a thicker one piece rosewood which is sanded and buffed with a new oil treatment for smoother and easier playability. To take it a step further Gibson USA has increased playing comfort by widened the neck and fingerboard by .050 per side. Sparing no expense, Gibson USA even changed the internal wires from 28 awg to 26 awg, along with a new and improved jack design and together they give you an improved uninterrupted signal. For 2015 Gibson will be producing gloss lacquer finishes and no more Satin or Vintage Gloss finishes. On top of all the upgrades Gibson USA did not stop there. They are now introducing a removable Les Paul pick guard with NO SCREWS NEEDED. In honor of Les Paul's 100th birthday all LP and SG guitars will carry the 100 logo on the headstock and a Les Paul Hologram on the back of the headstock for authenticity and tribute to the man himself. To wrap everything up, each 2015 Gibson USA guitar ships in a Gibson Hard Shell case."
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