Epiphone Teases New All-White Series

Earlier today, Epiphone posted a teaser photo of four new, all-white guitars on their Twitter and Facebook pages with the line, "What do you think? Check www.epiphone.com next week!"

The picture shows three LP-style guitars and one Explorer. Appointments and hardware between them seem to vary, but we see some plastic-covered high-gain pickups, so they'll likely appeal to the metal market. One of the LPs is also a 7-string guitar.

With their white finishes and metal hardware, these guitars are not dissimilar from the Gibson Lzzy Hall Explorer and the Epiphone Brendon Small Snow Falcon Flying V.

This also isn't the first batch of all-white axes we've seen hit the market recently. Last month, Fender unveiled its own limited edition all-white Strat built in partnership with popular lifestyle brand Supreme. Perhaps the all-white look is coming into vogue.

What do you think of these new designs? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for more info from Epiphone next week.

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