Fender Collaborates with Supreme on Flashy White Strat

New York–based fashion brand Supreme announced a lineup of lifestyle products today that included a sleek white–on–white Stratocaster built by Fender.

Supreme is well–known for its collaborations with other companies, and this guitar will include a Supreme–branded case, strap, and picks. It also sports the Supreme logo on the body between the front two pickups.

Supreme Fender Stratocaster

Information about the guitar — beyond two images posted by Supreme — is limited, though it appears that the neck is maple and has been painted to match the body and headstock.

Based on appearances, this is likely intended more as a decorative, collectable item than a primarily functional guitar, but certainly offers a unique spin on the classic Stratocaster template. The full white color scheme is not unlike the Gibson Snow Falcon, a white Flying V built as a signature model for Brendon Small.

Supreme Stratocaster with case

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