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The biggest names in the drum world like Tama, Zildjian, C&C Drum Company are on hand to show off their newest goodies. Stay tuned right here for all the latest 2017 NAMM updates on drums and percussion.

10:00 PM | 1/21/2017

Noble and Cooley Drums at NAMM 2017

Noble and Cooley has been making drums since 1854 and 163 years later, they're stilling bringing exciting sets to the NAMM floor. Today, this family-owned business builds drums for the world's elite players in just about every configuration imaginable. Watch the video above to learn a bit more about what Noble and Cooley drums have to offer.

3:30 AM | 1/21/2017

Paiste 900 Series Color Sound Cymbals at NAMM 2017

The Paiste booth at NAMM this year was an absolute feast for the eyes of every drummer in attendence. This year, the Swiss maker revatalized the 900 series with optional Color Sound variations and we were on the scene to hear them in action. Also on display: a new Nicko McBrain signature crate.

4:30 PM | 1/20/2017

Video: Zildjian Announces K Custom Special Dry Cymbals Redesign at NAMM 2017

We stopped by the Zildjian booth to check out their new product releases for 2017. Read More ››

3:45 PM | 1/20/2017

British Drum Company

New to the NAMM stage this year is boutique manufacturer British Drum Company. Headed by expert drumsmith Keith Keough, BCD specializes in high quality snares, kits, and bespoke hardware. Though firmly rooted in handcrafted manufacturing techniques and custom designs, the company has eyes for competition with mainstream international percussion brands, utilizing cutting-edge technology to help them design, prototype and produce their products. Legend series kits cater to drummers desiring a versatile, modern sound and feature reinforced Birch shells, while the Birch/Mahogany Lounge series fills the vintage niche.

A variety of snare drums are also available, from the Bluebird chromed Brass drum to the massive 20-ply Maple Merlin series. British Drum Company’s attention to detail, high quality finishes and unique, attractive Palladium series lugs are sure to make them a standout amongst professionals and hobbyists alike, so watch this space as they continue to expand into the US and other markets in the coming years.

3:45 PM | 1/20/2017

Remo Introduces New Vintage-Inspired Drumheads

Remo goes retro in 2017 with new Felt Tone series bass drum heads and Classic Fit tom/snare heads. Available in Fiberskyn or Hazy in sizes 18”-26”, the Felt Tone heads are based on the popular Powerstroke P3 formula, but sport an off-centered felt strip for a more traditionally muffled tone. The Classic Fit series is aimed at solving head-fitting issues commonly plaguing pre-60s kits with oversized shells: a refined hoop design gives these heads some extra breathing room to seat properly and tune evenly. Classic Fit heads are available in Ambassador Clear, Coated, Hazy Snare Side and Diplomat Fiberskyn models in sizes ranging from 12” to 18”.

11:45 AM | 1/20/2017

Photo Highlights From the NAMM Floor

10:00 PM | 1/19/2017

Ludwig 8x14" Black Beauty and Copper Phonic Snares & the new Vistalite Series at NAMM 2017

Drummers of the world have been waiting years for new versions of these old classics. We stopped by Ludwig’s 2017 NAMM booth to check out their deep new 8x14" Black Beauty and Copper Phonic snares as well as their updated take on the Vistalite.

4:00 PM | 1/19/2017

DW Collector’s Series Stainless Steel

Previously offered only as a wrapped finish on wood shells, DW is now making Collector’s Series kits with 1.5mm Stainless Steel shells with Nickel hardware! Heavy metal indeed.

3:45 PM | 1/19/2017

Yamaha Rydeen Series Drums

Yamaha’s popular Rydeen Series entry-level kits have been reintroduced for 2017 with upgraded features. 6-ply poplar shells, double-braced hardware and pro-series tom holders grace the kits, which are available in 22” or 20” bass drum 5pc shell packs. Finishes include Black, Silver, or Burgundy Glitter, Hot Red, Fine Blue, and Mellow Yellow.

3:30 PM | 1/19/2017

Pearl Masterworks Sonic Select Shell Recipes

Pearl’s new Sonic Select Shell Recipes boil the dizzying array of wood and construction options available in their custom Masterworks line down to application-specific formulas: Studio, Heritage, Stadium, Urban, and Modern Dry. More info on specific tonewoods and hardware can be found on the official Pearl website.

3:00 PM | 1/19/2017

Pearl Modern Utility Series Snare Drums

Available in a variety of sizes ranging from 12x7” to 14x8”, Pearl’s new Utility Maple snares are rugged, no-frills drums catered towards the working musician. CL Bridge Lugs and 1.6mm hoops provide lightweight strength and complement Matte Natural or Satin Black finishes.

3:00 PM | 1/19/2017

Pearl 30th Anniversary Signature Snare Drums

In celebration of two longtime endorsers’ careers, Pearl is offering 30th anniversary versions of the Omar Hakim and Eric Singer signature drums. The former features a 14x6.5” beaded steel shell with an otherworldly purplish Titanium Nitride finish. Singer’s snare is an updated take on the classic ‘70s Pearl Jupiter, with a beaded brass shell and Click-Lock throw-off. All of Singer’s royalties from this drum will be donated to arts programs at the Lifeline Education Charter School in Compton, CA.

3:00 PM | 1/19/2017

Pearl Mimic Pro E-Drum Module

Billed as “the world’s most advanced electronic drum module”, the Mimic Pro features 24-bit Steven Slate 5 drum samples, 120GB of solid-state onboard storage, a touch screen, and compatibility with most available brands of drum pad on the market. Multi-channel samples allow the user to dial in close, room and overhead mics to taste for a realistic drum sound.

2:30 PM | 1/19/2017

Yamaha Absolute Maple Hybrid 50th Anniversary Shell Pack

For drums and percussion, it seems 2017 is the year of anniversary celebrations! Joining the fold is this highly-exclusive outfit from Yamaha, featuring gold lugs, an 8 ply Maple/Wenge shell, and Amber Sunburst Birdseye Maple or Antique Natural Curly Maple finishes. Sizes are 22x18, 10x7, 12x8, 16x15 with a 14x6” snare drum.

1:10 PM | 1/19/2017

Paiste’s Expansions & Limited Editions

Paiste has expanded several of their popular high-end lines for 2017. The Signature series gains new 18” and 20” Fast Medium Crashes designed in conjunction with Iron Maiden’s Nicko McBrain, and the Signature Traditionals series welcomes the return of 17” and 20” Thin Crashes. Thin Rides, Thin Hi-Hats, and a 22” Swish join the Masters series, while Giant Beat gains 19” and 22” Multis and 16” Hi-Hats. Limited to 83 sets worldwide, the Nicko McBrain’s Treasures set is an exact replica of McBrain’s 12-cymbal setup as used on Iron Maiden’s 2016 Book of Souls world tour, featuring custom Paiste logos and Mayan-inspired graphics and packaged in a custom wooden crate with signed COA and CD/LP versions of the latest Maiden album.

1:00 PM | 1/19/2017

Sabian Effects Cymbals & Artisan Elite Series

Sabian is bringing a bevy of new effects cymbals to its lineup in 2017, including AAX Mini Holy Chinas and Aero Splashes, the XSR Fast Stax, and the B8X Ballistic Crash. Also new for 2017 is the Artisan Elite series, which fuses time-honored traditional cymbal designs with Sabian’s most advanced cymbal-smithing techniques.

1:00 PM | 1/19/2017

Ludwig Limited Edition Standard Maple Snares

Kicking off Ludwig’s new Standard Maple series are two limited edition snare drums: the Mojave Cherry and Black Flame, available in 8x14” and 5x14” sizes. 7-Ply maple shells are appointed with Classic Bowtie lugs and the new P-85AC throw-off/butt, offering legendary USA-made Ludwig tone at an affordable price.

NAMM 2017 - NEW PRODUCT - 14x8 Maple Mojave Cherry #ludwiguk #ludwig #ludwigdrums #drums #drummers #newproduct #namm2017

A photo posted by Ludwig Drums UK (@ludwigdrums_uk) on

NAMM 2017 - NEW PRODUCT - 14x8 Maple Black Flame #ludwigdrums #ludwig #ludwiguk #drums #newproduct #drummers #namm2017

A photo posted by Ludwig Drums UK (@ludwigdrums_uk) on

1:00 PM | 1/19/2017

Sonor Releases New Finishes & Snare Drums

Sonor has added a new “Black Slate” finish to its popular Vintage Series, and will begin offering pre-configured shell packs in popular sizes through their custom SQ2 program.

Two new snare drums grace the “One of a Kind” series this year: a Bocote-veneered 14x6” 21-ply Beech drum, and a Cocobolo-veneered 14x7.5” 12-ply Birch drum – limited to 70 pieces each worldwide.

1:00 PM | 1/19/2017

Ludwig Buddy Rich Tribute Kit

In celebration of Buddy’s 100th birthday, Ludwig has put together this modern take on Rich’s classic setup, right down to the bass drum shell-mounted splash cymbal holder and vintage rail consolette tom mount. No word on whether or not this will be available as a complete kit or special-order only.

12:50 AM | 1/19/2017

DW Collectors Series 45th Anniversary 6pc Kit

In step with their new 45th Anniversary snare, this kit features Sycamore/Spruce shells and custom inlay work. Satin Nickel hardware finishes off this exquisite outfit.

12:50 AM | 1/19/2017

Gretsch Ltd. Edition Black Aluminum Snare

Limited to 50 drums worldwide, these drums feature a 7x14” reinforced aluminum shell, a black powder-coated finish, and new “dial” throw-off modeled on the classic Gretsch “round badge” design.

12:50 AM | 1/19/2017

DW 45th Anniversary Snare Drum

In celebration of 45 years of percussive innovation, DW introduces a limited edition Sycamore/Spruce snare drum with 24k gold hardware and custom “XLV” inlays for 2017.

12:50 AM | 1/19/2017

Zildjian K Custom Special Dry Series

Expanding upon the popular 21” K Custom Special Dry Ride, the new K Custom Special Dry series offers a complex, modern take on the classic K Custom sound. Thinner than previous iterations of the K formula, these cymbals are articulate, dark and complex- perfect for today’s genre-bending drummers.

12:40 AM | 1/19/2017

PDP Concept Maple Classic 3pc Bop Kit

PDP’s popular wood-hooped Concept Maple Classic line now includes a setup geared towards jazz players. The set features 8x12” and 14x14” toms with a 14x18” bass drum and is available in Natural Maple or Tobacco finishes.

12:40 PM | 1/19/2017

Tama New Snares/Hardware/Finishes

Tama’s popular SLP line sees two new additions: the Fat Spruce 6x14” and Classic Dry Aluminum 5.5x14” snares. Finish offerings have been expanded across Starclassic and Superstar Classic lines, and a Peter Erskine 6x10” Stave Ash snare joins the Signature snare lineup. Iron Cobra 900 and Speed Cobra 910/310 Hi-Hat Stands round out Tama’s hardware program for 2017.

12:40 AM | 1/19/2017

DW Terry Bozzio Icon Snare Drum

The 5th iteration of DW’s Icon Series snares arrives in 2017 and features laser-engraved graphics depicting Frank Zappa’s infamous “Black Page” composition, written as a challange drummer Terry Bozzio in the 1970s. The drum is limited to 250 pieces and is based around an 11-ply 6.5x14” Maple shell finished in gloss lacquer with black nickel hardware and DW’s heavy-duty MAG throw-off.

12:40 AM | 1/19/2017

PDP Daru Jones Signature New Yorker Bop Kit

Available in Yellow-Black Sparkle Lacquer, this ultra-portable kit includes a 10x18” bass, 5x10” and 7x14” toms, a 6x13” snare and a DW 6000 Ultra-Light Hardware pack.

12:30 AM | 1/19/2017

Ludwig Evolution Maple Series Drums

A new mid-level range joins the Ludwig lineup. The Evolution Maple features North American Maple shells in a 6-piece configuration with a choice of four lacquer finishes.

12:30 AM | 1/19/2017

Paiste 900/Color Sound 900/PSTX DJs 45

Three new series join Paiste’s product lineup – the 900, Color Sound 900 and PSTX DJs 45. Based on the legendary 2002 alloy, the 900 and Color Sound 900 cymbals offer a modern, value-oriented take on the classic Paiste sound. Originally introduced in the ‘80s, the Color Sound treatment makes a bold visual statement and tempers overtones for a more controlled response. Color Sound 900 cymbals will be available in Red, Blue, Purple or Black.

The PSTX DJs 45 set, designed in collaboration with Jack White drummer Daru Jones, serve up short, dry sounds and offer portability perfect for the working hip-hop drummer.

11:15 AM | 1/19/2017

45th Anniversary Vistalites

In celebration of the 45th anniversary of the iconic Vistalite series acrylic drums, limited edition Green Sparkle “Pro-Beat” and Tri-Band Black-Clear Fade “Fab” kits join the Vistalite lineup.

11:00 AM | 1/19/2017

Ludwig Alex Van Halen LTD Edition Snare Drum

Ludwig is showing off a new Limited Edition AVH version of the rock titan’s preferred Supraphonic snare, featuring a raw aluminum shell, brass hardware, a commemorative certificate and custom hardcase.

10:30 AM | 1/19/2017

Photo Highlights From the NAMM Floor

7:30 AM | 1/19/2017

Meinl Pure Alloy Series

Meinl’s new Pure Alloy series offer fine lathing and polished finishes for expressive brilliance and maximum versatility. A range of medium-weight crashes, rides and hi-hats will be available for 2017.

3:00 PM | 1/17/2017

Paiste Introduces New 900 and Color Sound 900 Series,
Based off the 2002 Series Alloy

2:30 PM | 1/17/2017

Yamaha Announces Limited-Edition 50th Anniversary Drum Set

12:00 PM | 1/17/2017

Ludwig Teases New Vistalites

Celebrating 45 years of #Vistalite ... Find it at the @thenammshow. #LudwigDrums #NAMM2017

A photo posted by Ludwig Drum Company (@ludwigdrumshq) on

12:00 PM | 1/15/2017

Ludwig Teases 8x14 Metal Snares

12:00 PM | 1/14/2017

Meinl Releases Cymbal Tuners

Designed in close cooperation with Meinl artist Benny Greb, these magnetic Cymbal Tuners offer an easy way to tweak the sound of your cymbals. Simply place the magnets on the cymbals (mated top and bottom). By positioning the Cymbal Tuners in different spots on the surface, you can control the sustain, dampen the tone, adjust the volume, and optimize the sound of your cymbal to just the way you like it.

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