Bianca Richardson Releases Free Drum Sample Pack

Bianca Richardson
B.richdrumz Avo Pack
Free on Reverb

Bianca Richardson, aka b.richdrumz, just co-starred in a friendly competition of Drummer's HORSE, trading challenging drum tricks with Reverb's Jessica Burdeaux.

Today, for her birthday, Bianca is giving all of us a present: a free collection of her personal drum sounds.

When Bianca isn't showing off her skills on YouTube and Instagram, she's either performing with the likes of Willow Smith, Conan Gray, and Marcus Miller, or hard at work designing sounds within Ableton.

The B.richdrumz Avo Pack Lite contains the fruits of this labor, including Bianca's playingโ€”chopped and mixed by Ross Rothero-Bourge, aka ross_the_sound_guyโ€”and her self-created sounds.

The pack features one-shot '80s snares, dance-ready hats, splashes, crashes, and other accents, as well as some of Bianca's stranger creations.

Click here to download the B.richdrumz Avo Pack Lite now. And if you missed Bianca and Jessica's game of drummer's HORSE, watch it here.

To hear some of the sample pack sounds in action, check out Bianca's Instagram video below.

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