Drummer Challenge: Jessica and Bianca Play a Game of Drummer's HORSE

If you're regular watchers of our drum-related videos, then you'll know Jessica Burdeaux can play whatever challenge we toss her way: recreating Prince's "Kiss" LinnDrum track with an acoustic kit, The Smiths' effects-laden drum sounds, or Phil Collins' iconic "In the Air Tonight" hits, among plenty others.

Like Jessica, Bianca Richardson is also known to show off her skills on Instagram, when she's not performing with artists like Willow Smith, Conan Gray, Marcus Miller, Moonchild, and others. (Previously, we've highlighted her drumming in our "10 Instagram Drummers You Should Follow.")

In our video above, Jessica and Bianca go toe-to-toe in a friendly game of drummer's HORSE. As you'll see, we offer some outrageous ideas and, being the good sports and good drummers that they are, it's difficult to stump them.

If you've got a set of some kind at home, try to play along.

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