Bass Walk of the Week: Israel Crosby on Ahmad Jamal's "But Not For Me"

In this week's Bass Walk of the Week, Jake is breaking down Israel Crosby's bassline from Ahmad Jamal's version of "But Not For Me," which appeared on his 1958 live album, At the Pershing: But Not For Me.

Interesting about this line, specifically, is that it's a bit unconventional. Rather than making more standard-fare jazz bass choices, like working up the octave or down the fifth, Crosby makes his line more dynamic by introducing a lot of interesting intervallic leaps. The line starts, for example, with C jumping up a sixth to the A on the G string.

Be sure to grab your bass and follow along with Jake's full lesson above, and don't forget to check back next Wednesday for our next installment of Walk of the Week.

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