Bass Walk of the Week: Christian McBride on Benny Green's "McThing"

Our first Walk of the Week broke down Paul Chambers' part on Miles Davis' "So What" from his 1959 release, Kind of Blue. Today, we're turning our attention to the bluesy bassline that Christian McBride wrote for "McThing" on Benny Green's Testifyin'!: Live at the Village Vanguard.

As Jake demonstrates in the video above, McBride's bassline is a really straightforward and simple groove over the one chord on an F blues. Starting on F, you drop down a sixth and then walk back up the chromatic scale. After that, you jump to C, then to A flat, back to F, and back to the four chord.

After you've mastered the nuances of the line, it's all about getting up to speed to match the recording's tempo. Keep practicing, and stay tuned for our next Walk of the Week.

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