GLB Sound shop

GLB Sound is a boutique of tone wood guitar amplification.

We are in love with superior authentic sound and we designed a new idea of amplification for archtops and hollowbodies guitars. GIG50 is an high end amplification set up made of two parts: all tubes head and a Micro cabinet in all the GLB Sound’s tonewoods. The entire set up is designed to get high definition in harmonics, high definition in clean sound and a very low level of Larsen. All the set-ups are customizable like all the GLB Sound’s products.

Why amplification lutherie? It is a matter of matching the concepts of lutherie and amplification in order to design a unique amplifier crafted around you. We are building solid wood cabinets using tone woods like Sapele, Maple as well as Padouk, Walnut and many others based on the needs of the players concerned.