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Our pal Josh from JHS Pedals shares a lot of wisdom and shows off a lot of cool pedals on his YouTube channel. Take a look below for some of his recent releases and the pedals featured in each.

Comments And Jamz

Josh and Nick recap the comments and answer some hard hitting questions from the JHS Vlog videos series. What IS bucket brigade? What is that JHS amp Josh is using? Is Josh wearing a hair piece? You'll have to watch to find out.

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"My Top 5 Fulltone Pedals"

Josh breaks one of his cardinal rules and decides to rank his top five favorite effects crafted by Mike Fuller at Fulltone. Spoiler alert: If you guessed OCD or Full Drive you'd be dead wrong. Dare we say controversial? Check it out!

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Why You Need an EQ Pedal

You heard it here, Josh Scott loves EQ. In this video Josh lays down some tips and tricks, the importance of EQ in regards to sculpting your tone and how you can harness its mythical powers to push the limits of your creativity.

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The First Guitar Effects Ever

In this weeks episode Josh takes a deep dive on the origin of the classic effects used to develop guitar driven music as we know it today. From the origins of overdrive to the development of the Bigsby to the evolution of fuzz in the 1960's this video is sure to both educate and inspire.

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Big Muff Shootout: Vintage Vs. Reissue

Josh puts the new Electro-Harmonix small footprint Big Muff reissues to the test comparing them side by side with their original vintage counterparts. With this video you can gain some knowledge and insight to the original Big Muff designs and hear just how true to form their new reissues sound.

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"My Favorite JHS Pedals"

Josh showcases some prime applications for his favorite JHS pedal designs from over the years. With this video you can get a better understanding of where Josh's head was at during his process and unlock some excellent ideas on how to get the most out of his effects.

Extraordinary Reverbs

Josh takes a trip into the outer limits to discuss some of his favorite extraordinary reverb effects. Every effect in this video is pushing the envelope of what traditional reverb sounds can be. From Walrus to Chase Bliss to Caroline, curl up with a nice blanket and be prepared to voyage into space.

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How We Record a Song

Josh and Nick dive into the method behind the madness of recording the tracks used for the JHS Vlog. Through this glimpse of their process you can get a look at some of the gear that inspires them as well as learn a few tips and tricks which go beyond just effects pedals.

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One Knob Wonders

Whoever has said that more is better is proven wrong as Josh dives into some of his favorite effects that can get the job done with only one knob. Complete with phasers, drives and even a Psycho Acoustic Processor? Here is a look at some of the best, delivering the most while only requiring the bare minimum.

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What's the Deal With Behringer?

Josh details the story behind Behringers effects pedal line and supplies you with some affordable options to test the circuits and sounds from some of your favorite classic effects at a much more desirable price point. Complete with some eye-opening A/B shootouts, prepare to be shocked at how close some of these suspiciously similar designs sound at just a fraction of the price.

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1970's OpAmp Distortion

School is in session and Josh is here to give us the cliff's notes on the legendary 1970's OpAmp chip. From the MXR Distortion + to the ProCo Rat, check out the video above for a rundown on the history of distortion as we know it.

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10 Rare Pedals

Josh opens up his top-secret vault to give us a glimpse ten extremely rare effects. From a limited Electro-Harmonix fuzz to Bill Finnigan's Klon Centaur #002, check out the video above for a glimpse at some killer white whales.

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How To Stack Pedals

Josh dives into some of his favorite pedal stacking tricks, running everything from reverb into tremolo from sub-octave into fuzz. Check out these helpful stacking tips to maximize the strength of your board via the video above.

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Octave Fuzz 101

Getting into the realm of Octave Fuzz, Josh goes through the history of this mysterious effect, explains how it differs from regular fuzz pedals, and outlines some excellent options for anyone looking to tap into this particular psychedelic legacy.

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Guitar Rig Essentials

In this video, Josh explores the basic building blocks of a guitar rig. Starting with quick guitar and amp overview, this video covers overdrive, distortion, fuzz, delay, reverb, modulation and other bonus pedals with various recommendations for each.

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Delays Under $100

In this video, Josh jumps into the world of delay exploring his picks for the best delay pedals you can snag for less than $100 on Reverb. If you're looking for a solid delay pedal on a budget, this video is essential viewing.

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