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A vibraphone is another member of the mallet percussion family. The vibraphone's sound is often described as soft and mellow, and it has the lowest range of the metallic percussion family. Here on Reverb, you can find the right vibraphone to fit your preferences.

Vibraphone Construction and Tuning

Like other members of the mallet percussion family, the vibraphone has metal resonator tubes/pipes that are suspended beneath its tone bars. As with xylophones and marimbas, the length of the resonator varies based on the pitch and tone of the bar—i.e. the lower the note, the longer the resonator.

The vibraphone also features "fans"—motor-driven rotating disks—at the top of each resonator. These fans allows players to add a vibrato effect to their sound by turning the motor on or off and changing its speed.

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To exclusively browse for vibraphones near you, reference the list of top cities and countries available on Reverb to search within a desired location. You also can review shipping details within an item’s “Shop Policies” section.