The Poly Beebo Puts Eurorack-Style Sound Design on Your Pedalboard

Even with the abundance of synth-style guitar pedals hitting the market in recent years, it's still rare to find one that gives you true, modular-style sound design.

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The Poly Beebo—first revealed at NAMM 2020 but now here in a full production run—is just such a device, created for sonic explorers.

The "visual modular pedal," as Poly describes it, is a multi-mod and effects unit that has all the conventional mod effects you'd expect: chorus, rotary, delay, looping, and more. But through its touchscreen interface, you can create your own effects chains, drawing and dragging different modules into place.

And in addition to such tried-and-true effects, the Beebo boasts a collection of Eurorack firmware that includes multi-oscillators, granular processors, and other sound sculptors. The Beebo can create and manipulate its own generative sounds.

Experiment using the footswitches to change values or connect parameters to a random source. Import/export presets via USB flash drive—your wish is the Beebo’s powerful command.

Available for $399, direct from Poly Effects: Grab your Beebo now.

Ponderer Sounds' demo of the Poly Beebo.
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